Revitalize Comanche began when several ladies began meeting for coffee to brainstorm how Comanche could become more vibrant and the Square a shopping destination. (One should always approach a group of ladies and an idea with caution!) The idea appealed to a number of folks who could visualize how better landscaping around the Square would attract attention and shoppers. The original landscaping consisted of shrubs and groundcover that had outlived its usefulness and was truly unsightly. A few workdays and trailer loads of old plants, etc. were removed to make way for more attractive landscaping. The Courthouse saw the addition of rosebushes and other flowering plants while the four corners of the Square were cleaned up to become home to various statues depicting the history of Comanche. Comanche was blessed to have significant donations by E a local citizen to purchase the statues. The ‘movement’ was underway and it needed a name so Revitalize Comanche became practically a household word. Sadly, the original Higginbotham Brothers retail location was closed around 2016 while the corporate office continued to operate. The building set vacant for a couple of years or so. A group of folks put together a packet of information/ideas and sent it to Rufus Duncan who is one of the Higginbotham family members. We were thrilled to receive a phone call asking us to meet with Corby Biddle in the Corporate Office to discuss the property. After hearing our ideas, Mr. Biddle announced that the building on the Square and the lot located at the corner of Mary and W. Grand would be donated to us. We quickly applied to be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which was approved and Revitalize Comanche began work to open a 1950’s theme Soda Shop to provide revenue for our big project, Comanche Mercantile, a 1800’s theme mercantile. We are proud to say that the building has been remodeled by volunteer labor and paid by private, donations. Local citizens and Comanche alumni have been extremely supportive monetarily and sharing their talents. Today the Mercantile and Soda Shop each have one paid employee; all others who are involved are volunteers. It is exciting to be a destination business and draw visitors from all over the world who are eager to shop for Artisan crafts