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Revitalize Comanche began as a fledgling group of citizens who had a dream of helping the town of Comanche reach its full potential. The group began at Christmas time when they, along with a group of ambitious students, Mayor Ronnie Clifton, and CECA’s Shirley Dukes, decorated the Comanche Courthouse Square with lights, snowmen, wreaths, and even a Frontier Town General Store. From that small beginning was born Comanche Christmas, a group that now stands alone in creating some of the most amazing Christmas lighting the town has ever seen.

By spring, Revitalize Comanche, with the help of Sorrells Farms, was seeing its vision of a completely new landscape for the Comanche Courthouse Square become a reality. Today, Comanche can be very proud of the landscape that is the focal point of the town. Moving right into its next project, Revitalize is now partnered with the Comanche High School Ag Department in a quest to create beautiful metal art across the town.

All of these projects have been funded by private donations and volunteer labor.

Revitalize Comanche continues to grow with a 501 C3 tax status, and continues to raise money through private donations. With its latest project of promoting the town as a Heritage Tourism Destination, Revitalize Comanche needs funds more than ever. Your tax deductible donation is highly appreciated!

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Completed Projects

Click on the links below to find out more about projects Revitalize Comanche has completed!

Things We Still Need To Do!

With the generous gift of their outside lot from Higginbothams to Revitalize Comanche, Inc., the group is working very hard to create an area that will become a heritage park, filled with structures and exhibits from Days Gone By in Texas. In fact, work on the first cabin has already begun.LOG CABIN BEGINNINGS GENE LUKER AND CAMON MARTIN

The Neely/Robertson cabin was built in the mid-late 1850s. It is now being moved log by log by Camon Martin and Gene Luker and will eventually be a part of the first exhibit in Heritage Park. In addition to the cabin, the exhibit will consist of a state park quality sign that tells the story of the cabin, a plow, and other items relevant to the story of the cabin.LOG CABIN BEGINNINGS 1 FOR WEBSITE

LOG CABIN BEGINNINGS 3 FOR WEBSITEOnce the exhibit is completed, it will be landscaped with native plants, and the group will move to the second exhibit.


HERITAGE PARK EXHIBIT SIGN SAMPLE (1)This photo is a sample of what the exhibit signs in Heritage Park will look like.

DINO SIGN THE ONEA COMANCHE THEROPODYes, we all know that there were dinosaur tracks found in Comanche County in the old Lake Eanes area. However, when we found the research claiming that the most extensive find EVER was found at Lake Eanes, Revitalize Comanche, Inc. knew that the town of Comanche had to have a Dino exhibit!

This sign and metal art theropod (found in Comanche) have been ordered and will be mounted in the Comanche City Park in the very near future. Both will be located near the old Lake Eanes archway and dinosaur track molds that now stand in the park. Larry Harbour will be mounting the sign, and Cliff Conway will be in charge of mounting Dino.

We hope to have billboards at all 4 entrances that promote a slice of Comanche’s rich heritage.



We are building a Native American Walking Trail, complete with Native Plants that the Comanche would have used both for food source and medicinal purposes. We have now submitted our information in application for a grant in order to erect a state of the art kiosk and map that will explain what can be found on the trail. The grant does not cover landscape, but it does cover construction of the trail, labor, and signage.


This is not the final draft of the sign because we still need to add the player to it. However, it is getting closer!

This is not the final draft of the sign because we still need to add the player to it.  However, it is getting closer.


We would LOVE to add a couple of beautiful murals to our downtown area.
Revitalize Comanche is in the process of cleaning a lot where eventually a Native American entry scene to the town of Comanche will stand. It is going to be hot, dirty, awful work to clean the lot, and the group needs your help. We cannot afford to rent a rolloff so that makes the job slower and harder. Let us know if you can help make this project go a little faster!