About Revitalize

The purpose of “Revitalize Comanche”  is to Support and encourage projects in the area to help create a positive economic impact on our community for all to enjoy.

Comanche Mercantile

The Soda Shop

Homestead Hall

Farmer’s Market


Comanche Mercantile, slap dab in the center of Texas  and crossroad of three major highways HWY 16 north to south and HWY 36 & 377 east and west, luring visitors and locals to stop, relax, step back in time, and find the treasures.

The Mercantile accepts many kinds of hand made items juried by the Revitalize Comanche board.

Soda Shop

The Soda Shop operates under the Revitalize Comanche 501c3 umbrella and has one paid staff and many volunteers.  During the prime time The Soda Shop is open on Sundays staffed by local youth  and church groups which split the proceeds providing youth groups extra money for activities.

Homestead Hall

classes events and more

Farmer’s Market

  • Carmen Anderson manages the Farmers Market held the first Saturday each month.  The Farmers Market was created with the desire of farmers and gardeners wanting to sell their food and it has opened up to many different types of vendors which provide several people a way to sell their products.